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  • Signup and pick your interests

    Getting started with Pigeonhire as a promoter takes less than 3 minutes. Fill out your preferences and you are set to go.

  • Accept and publish adverts

    Once your account is set up, you are ready to start receiving actual clients who have purchased coins to access your profile.

  • Hello payday!

    With every new client you receive, Pigeonhire charges you zero in fees and/or commissions.

All your favorite platforms

Easily import one or all of your platform into your pigeonhire.com account with the click of a button. It doesn't matter where your influence is, we will integrate it into your pigeonhire.com account and distribute platform specific content to you.


Multiple Accounts

Join pigeonhire.com as a promoter and connect up to 6 different platform accounts to your single account.


Access Unlimited Clients

Access unlimited clients at no charge, fees or commissions. We only ask that you give our users a voluntary discount for accessing you on the platform


Continuous Growth

We take the hassle out of marketing your services via our live clients who need your promotional or ad services


Popular Questions

Popular Questions We guarantee that using pigeonhire.com is easy. However, we still like to answer some questions

Pigeonhire.com was built to connect brands/businesses with ZERO audience to individuals and/or professionals who have an influence/access across offline and online channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Podcast, Newsletter, LinkedIn, Twitter, Signage, Print, Radio etc.

To sign up as a promoter on pigeonhire.com, you must have an audience on at least one of our eligible channels who connect with you based on specific interests. All promoters will go through our review process and will be approved once the criteria is met.
You get a request from customers who have matched your interest and requested your email/phone number. Our customer journey to you is as follows: - Our customers tell us what they need
- They receive promoters that match their preferences instantly on the website
- They select their promoter(s) and get customer contact details right after purchasing some coins to reveal this information
- You will get a prompt in your account and via email once you have a client
- Client and promoter to finalize conversations based on the information provided on promoters profile
You get paid by the customer directly based on the rates and discounts (if any) provided in your account. We always request that you provide whatever brokerage fee we would have charged you to our clients and users in the form of a discount on your service which will be visible on your account once matched, sounds awesome, right?
Yes you can. You can add multiple accounts on the same platform e.g. Twitter or add multiple platforms e.g. Twitter, Radio platform, Exterior signage, your blog and 22+ other channels. Each one has its own listing procedure but takes on average 2-4 mins to set up.
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