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Discover a whole new way to show your offer to a new audience, while spending less and generating up to 5X interest in your product or service.

26 +

Marketing channels

1.5m +


20 +

Running Campaigns

100,000 +


How Pigeonhire works

  • Create Campaign

    Create your campaign in minutes; select channel, curate goals, define market, select promoters, upload content. Need a targeted audience for your campaign? Easily request and receive assets within days.

  • Publish Campaign

    We automate the process for you so that you spend as little time as possible thinking about the details. Enter easy parameters and our software takes care of the rest; from matching with the right promoters to automated templates.

  • Monitor & Retarget

    View performance of your campaign with insights to know how well your campaign is doing; from reach to engagement while retargeting each contact. Get access to promoters and leave a review once work is done

Campaigns for any purpose

With over 26+ channels and 270+ advert interest and category, connecting with a new audience is easier than ever. Whatever stage your brand or business might be in, pigeonhire.com creates building blocks that help you win in a world where every business like yours is fighting for the attention of the same group of people.

Launch New Product

Companies launching a new product|service use pigeonhire.com to capture new leads and increase sales


Technology startups use pigeonhire.com to increase their visibility and get those first signups into the door

Organize Events

Organizers of multi events use pigeonhire.com to create hype and drive registration for their event

Public Campaigns

Growth stage companies use pigeonhire.com to create public campaigns, awareness and drive interests in several causes

Online or offline channels

Wherever your target audience is located, Pigeonhire's powerful campaign builder and promoters will help you broadcast your offers and solicit feedback


Create email campaigns that goes right to the inbox of your target and potential customers who need them


Leverage our SMS campaigns that are optimized to help you reach your audience and build your brand


Build virality in your offerings while growing your customer base and topline. Become a Promoter

We had just launched a new marketplace model that helps professionals build a business around their expertise, but our traction for signing professionals was very slow. We found Pigeonhire and leveraged their promoters and email growth channels, which gave us over 1,000 professionals on our waitlist. No other platform has given us access to such an audience, pretty quick.

Co-founder, Clictask;

Enjoy the Pigeonhire Advantage

Budget Specific, Zero Commitment

Run your self paced, pay as you go campaigns based on your specific budget and get high applicable ROI for every value spent per campaign

Beautiful Templates

Create a customizable email and SMS template pre-designed for your campaign objectives and start building connecting with a new audience in just no time

Distributed Marketing

Million of connections, across over over 26 channels including Facebook, Instagram, Emails, SMS, Radio, Billboards etc.

Realtime Performance Overview

Unique and clear overview of your campaign performance, in real time, across any device

20% More Conversion

By leveraging on real connections, smaller action-focused groups, and retargeting prior ads, every campaign is designed to convert more.

No Audience? No Worries

Our hire a pigeon service allows you reach a whole new target audience with publicly available while complying to global anti-spam requirements

Real Connection

Pigeonhire's algorithm filters through millions of connections to ensure that your advert is published through real people with real connections.

Secured Wallet

Easily add money to your pigeonhire wallet, authorize each purchase i.e.the token fee for each introduction to a promoters phone number and email address and pause your use at any time.

24/7 Customer Care

We’re obsessed with customer service and making sure that you get your questions resolved quickly.

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